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Hcbs documentation requirements

Be an enrolled MHCP provider Maintain licensure or documentation supporting their qualifications to provide waiver services Obtain a Department of Human Services (DHS)-approved service authorization (SA) to provide services to the person eligible for HCBS programs.

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2022-2023 Random Validation Documentation Submission Instructions 20 7. Upload documentation a. Click on “Attach a File” and browse through your computer files and locate the documentation file b. Click on “Open” in your.

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42 CFR 441.301(c)(2)(xii) - HCBS Modification. Document that any modification of the additional conditions, under paragraph (c)(4)(vi)(A) through (D) of this section, must be supported by a specific assessed need and justified in the person-centered service plan. The following requirements must be documented in the person-centered service plan:. Aug 03, 2016 · HCBS LTSS Models. HCBS are person-centered care programs that are delivered in the home and community setting and address the needs of persons with functional limitations and in need of assistance with activities of daily living. For the purposes of this website, the emphasis of HCBS is on elders and persons with disabilities. Overview of HCBS ....

Information about HCBS that require a 245D HCBS license is available from the Community-Based Services Program Manual (CBSM) by following the links below. Basic support services Intensive support services Services NOT covered by 245D Apply for license Application Process Licensing Fees Help with background studies Sample forms and policies.

This document contains frequently asked questions , guidance, best practices and examples to help you understand each of the new HCBS requirements . If you have to make changes to your setting to become HCBS-compliant, this document can also help you generate ideas on how you might meet the new HCBS requirements..

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